Circo de los Niños de San Pancho is a non-profit Civil Association which provides Circus Arts classes to children and young adults. Our programs are structured to build self-confidence and self-awareness,  gain physical capacities and explore imagination in young people through the arts. In order to ensure the programs are available to the local community, Circo de los Niños raises money to subsidize the cost of our professional instructors and daily operations.

We acknowledge and cherish our founder and primary benefactor, Gilles Ste. Croix, one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil, for his vision, his steadfast efforts working with the students and for his generous financial support of the Circo. The programs are conceived and inspired by Gilles and his wife Monique Voyer. Yet the sustainability of the project requires a well-rounded model in order to thrive and building a solid foundation of support is our current focus.



The average tuition paid by each student for a ten-week cycle is $435 pesos. The real COST per student hovers around $2000 pesos per cycle; therefore, we subsidize 80% of the student costs. Our goal is to build self-reliant young people who know it is possible to take action to follow a dream and while still maintaining affordable fees for many families who live in San Pancho and other Nayarit communities.